Ryan Turf to launch National Aerate Your Lawn Day next month

AerateYourLawnToday.com screenshot

Ryan Turf’s new site AerateYourLawnToday.com features aerating resources for professionals and homeowners.

Turf renovation equipment manufacturer Ryan Turf is launching “National Aerate Your Lawn Day,” a consumer awareness campaign the company says is an opportunity for lawn care professionals to educate homeowners on the benefits of aeration and encourage either hiring a professional or renting an aerator from the local home center to do it themselves.

The event is slated for Sept. 16. This time of year was chosen because aerating in the fall, when grass is under the least amount of stress, is the ideal time for lawn care professionals to encourage customers to aerate, the company said.

Details about “National Aerate Your Lawn Day” and resources for both homeowners and professionals are available at AerateYourLawnToday.com. Professional resources include an informational video about the benefits of aeration and an aeration bid calculator. The homeowner site encourages consumers to host an “aeration block party” with their neighbors.


Source: http://landscapemanagement.net/ryan-turf-to-launch-national-aerate-your-lawn-day-next-month/

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