Anuvia partners with Ferti in Canada

Anuvia Plant NutrientsAnuvia Plant Nutrients partnered with Ferti Technologies, based in Quebec, Canada, to market Anuvia’s GreenTRX to Ferti’s golf and turf customers in eastern Canada.

GreenTRX is a multinutrient, slow-release fertilizer that delivers fast deep greening of turf and lawns while also protecting the environment, Anuvia said.

“We are excited to have Ferti Technologies representing GreenTRX,” said Hugh MacGillivray, executive vice president of Anuvia Plant Nutrients. “Ferti Technologies has developed premium quality fertilizers and amendments specific to the diverse needs of its customer base. GreenTRX, with its unique performance qualities and its environmentally friendly benefits, will be a great addition to its product line and a new sustainable solution to offer the turf industry.”

The product provides targeted plant feeding, releases 65 percent of its nutrients in the first two to three weeks and contains 16 percent organic matter.

“GreenTRX is a great innovation that we are pleased to introduce in our fertilizer line,” said Martin Bisaillon, sales director of Ferti Technologies. “In today’s market, healthy turf and lawns need more than basic nutrition. GreenTRX captures the synergy between organic matter and mineral nutrition creating a novel, slow-release plant nutrient product.”

Photo: Anuvia Plant Nutrients



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