Anuvia partners with Vereens Turf

VereensAnuvia Plant Nutrients partnered with Vereens Turf, a regional fertilizer formulator in the Southeast, to distribute Anuvia’s GreenTRX to Vereens’ golf, sod, lawn care and landscape customers.

“We live in a world where resources are at a premium, and sustainability is of the utmost importance,” said Hugh MacGillivray, executive vice president of Anuvia Plant Nutrients. “(Vereens’) goals of balancing soil biology with increased nutrient efficiency fits with Anuvia’s environmentally friendly products, which improve soil health and plant performance.”

GreenTRX is a multinutrient, slow-release fertilizer that delivers fast, deep greening of turf and lawns while also protecting the environment, Anuvia said.

It provides targeted plant feeding, releases 65 percent of its nutrients in the first two to three weeks and contains 16 percent organic matter.



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