Mirimichi Green releases CarbonPN DJ Fine Grade

Mirimichi GreenMirimichi Green expanded its CarbonPN product line with the addition of CarbonPN DJ Fine Grade.

The product is a powderlike soil amendment containing 50 percent biochar that is United States Department of Agriculture certified and 50 percent premium organic compost.

CarbonPN DJ Fine Grade can be blended​ ​into​ ​sand​ ​mixes, topdressing​ ​and​ ​aerification.

According to Mirimichi Green, the product aerates soils and reduces compaction, optimizes pH, increases nutrient uptake, increases root development and soil health, decreases nutrient leaching and increases residual value.

CarbonizPN​ ​DJ​ ​Fine​ ​Grade​ ​is​ ​available​ ​for​ ​sale​ ​at​ ​Mirimichi Green​ ​distributors​ ​nationwide​ ​and​ ​comes​ ​in​ ​40​-pound ​bags​ ​and 1​-yard​ ​sacks.

Source: http://landscapemanagement.net/mirimichi-green-releases-carbonpn-dj-fine-grade/

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