Graham Spray Equipment to include A/R diaphragm pumps

Graham Spray EquipmentGraham Spray Equipment is now including AR diaphragm pumps, manufactured by Annovi Reverberi, among its selection.

Annovi Reverberi is a manufacturer of diaphragm pumps used for lawn, tree and shrub care across 85 countries and provides private label pumps to the North American market.

“We want to assure our customers that we haven’t switched to some new, untested component in their spray units,” said Donny Pitts, Graham’s general manager. “A/R diaphragm pumps deliver everything we, and our customers, want from the highest quality spray equipment.”

Graham will be using Annovi Reverberi’s AR-30, AR-40 and AR-50 pumps in the spray units it configures for customers.

The A/R pumps, repair kits and AR-GI 40 pressure regulator are available on Graham’s online catalog of replacement parts.

Photo: Graham Spray Equipment


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