Cool Planet and Denver Botanic Gardens form partnership

Cool Planet logoCool Planet partnered with Denver Botanic Gardens to conduct trials of Cool Planet’s soil enhancement product, Cool Terra, at the Gardens’ York Street location.

“This year, we are testing Cool Terra in various types of gardens, such as annuals in sun and shade, annuals in containers, vegetables, perennials in challenging locations and new plantings,” said Sarada Krishnan, director of horticulture at Denver Botanic Gardens. “From these experiments, we will be measuring the growth rates to compare plots treated with Cool Terra and those without. This will provide us baseline information about the product’s soil-enhancing capabilities, resulting in better growth and soil water conservation.”

The partnership is part of Denver Botanic Gardens’ broader efforts to advance water-efficient gardening and agriculture principles, according to the company.

“Cool Planet is proud to be partnering with Denver Botanic Gardens to help advance its research and understanding of soil health technologies and water-efficient gardening,” said Jim Loar, CEO of Cool Planet. “Colorado’s semiarid climate has prompted growers across the state to adopt natural, innovative practices that help reduce water use and carbon footprints, while also improving soil health and plant growth. Cool Terra provides an additional way for growers to improve sustainability and profitability simultaneously.”


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