Mirimichi Green to put carbon in all liquid products

Mirimichi Green logoMirimichi Green will mix liquid carbon into all of its liquid fertilizers and biostimulants.

“Carbon is key. Getting carbon back into the soil will improve overall soil health,” said Web Cowden, COO of Mirimichi Green. “We have seen the success of our carbon products over the years and wanted to extend that to the rest of our product line. We made this decision because we wanted all of our customers to benefit from putting carbon back into the soil.”

The following products by Mirimichi Green will now incorporate 2 percent liquid carbon: Nutri-Release, Nutri-Turf, Nutri-Kelp and Tree & Shrub. Mirmichi Green’s Release 9-0-1 C and Release Zero products already contain 10 percent liquid carbon.

The Mirimichi Green team expects that the updated mixture will provide the results that all professionals desire for their turf and plants, according to the company.

Source: http://landscapemanagement.net/mirimichi-green-to-put-carbon-in-all-liquid-products/

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