TruGreen to give customer ETAs via mobile app

Logo: TruGreen

Logo: TruGreen

TruGreen struck a partnership with two technology providers to deliver location and estimated time of arrival information to customers through the TruGreen mobile app.

Real-time location technology provider Glympse has integrated its technology with the Verizon Connect field service software platform TruGreen uses to plan, deliver and execute its customer routes.

“Many of our customers want to know when their specialist will arrive, so they can be home or be sure that pets are secure and gates are unlocked, so it’s critical that we are able to share updates and ETAs,” said Ken DeWitt, chief information officer at TruGreen.

Through the TruGreen app, customers receive a specialized link via SMS text, email or mobile app notifications, allowing them to view the latest service timing information provided by Glympse, including the ability to reschedule their appointment.

Once the service specialist is en route to that appointment, the customer can see the specialist’s location on a live map, including ETA, so he or she knows when their specialist will arrive for the service appointment.

TruGreen routes more than 100,000 jobs to customers’ homes and businesses daily, requiring advanced routing, mobile and location software and services provided by Verizon Connect. Glympse and Verizon Connect worked with the team at TruGreen to provide key information regarding the location, arrival time and job information for a particular work request or routine specialist visit.

“By integrating Glympse into the Verizon Connect field service platform, TruGreen is able to streamline communication to customers to create a more personalized consumer experience,” DeWitt said. “Additionally, TruGreen has integrated Glympse with its customer service system to enable representatives to better answer customer inquiries. Plans are also underway to integrate with TruGreen’s IVR (interactive voice response) self-service system, allowing for a truly omni-channel experience.”


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