Sipcam Agro receives federal registration for Endow Granular

Sipcam Agro logo | Logo: Sipcam Agro

Logo: Sipcam Agro

Sipcam Agro USA received federal registration for Endow Granular (Endow G) Fungicide.

“We are excited to add a granular fungicide, expanding the number of solutions we can offer our customers,” said Michael Maravich, vice president of specialty for Sipcam.

Packaged in 30-pound bags, Endow G is registered for use on all turf types and use sites, including golf courses, commercial turf and residential lawns.

Azoxystrobin, the active ingredient in Endow G, is a quinone outside inhibitor. It offers broad spectrum control of multiple diseases—such as anthracnose, brown patch, Pythium blight, take-all patch, gray leaf spot, spring dead spot and gray and pink snow mold — by impeding the fungus cells’ ability to produce energy, causing the fungus to die.


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