Nufarm’s Sure Power herbicide now registered in 38 states

Nufarm logo

Logo: Nufarm

Nufarm Americas secured registration in 38 states for its new Sure Power Selective Herbicide.

Sure Power, now available in all cool-season and transition zone turfgrass growing regions, is labeled to control more than 250 weeds and delivers two different modes of action to support resistance management programs.

“The thing I like most about Sure Power is quickly visible results,” said user Patrick Vaillancourt, owner of Northern Turf Management in Van Buren, Maine. “With weed control, no one likes to wait for results, myself or the customer alike. When they see leaves curling and turning brown, within 24 hours in most cases, they are reassured that the application was successful.”

A field trial conducted by Aaron Hathaway, a research assistant in the department of plant, soil, & microbial science at Michigan State University, found that Sure Power provides 98 percent control of wild violets that was still evident after 39 days.

More trials by David Gardner, Ph.D., professor in the department of horticulture and crop science at The Ohio State University, found that Sure Power delivers broadleaf weed efficacy, including ground ivy with noticeable control in three days—as well as 56 days—after treatment.



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