Top Eco-Friendly Blogs of 2018

The 2018 Golden Leaf Awards

Editor’s note: Congratulations to all who made it on our list. LawnStarter’s editorial team monitored countless blogs about sustainability through out the year and chose these as the most deserving of recognition. If your favorites are missing from our list of top eco-friendly blogs, let us know in the comments below.

Discovering the Best Eco-Friendly Blogs of 2018

Climate change is an advancing issue. It’s one of the most consequential challenges we will face this century, and although governments are ultimately responsible for confronting this, there’s no reason why individuals should face their environmental impact.

In order to create a helpful resource on sustainability, LawnStarter’s editorial team compiled a list of the best blogs that provide actionable green-living tips or environmental knowledge.

Congratulations to our 50 winners! They were judged on these four criteria:

  • Quality and Consistency of Writing
  • Demonstration of Environmental Knowledge
  • Resourcefulness With Waste and Money
  • Social Media Outreach

Winners may display our Golden Leaf Award badge on their blogs. We attempted to email or message each of the winners, but if we missed you, we love to hear from you. Other than that, here are the top home decor blogs for this year—listed in no particular order.

Green Living Guy

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Reducing Common LED Problems to Maximize Energy Saving Benefits

Seth Leitman is a sustainable lifestyle guru because his blog, Green Living Guy, touches on the technical aspects of everyday items. From light bulbs to cars, Green Living Guy breaks down the environmental impacts we can either inflict or avoid by purchasing the right type of products.

Greenne (The Eco Friendly Blog)

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Water Stewardship: Concepts for a More Sustainable Future

Greenne (The Eco Friendly Blog) draws the consequential ecological picture when businesses and households are negligent of waste. This blog leverages practicality and eco-friendly goals for daily life. Your office and household can become eco-friendlier by following the tweaks and adjustments that Greenne suggests.

Eco Warrior Princess

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: 16 Eco-Stylish Reusable Bags, Water Bottles, Coffee Cups and Other Zero Waste Essentials

The Eco Warrior Princess demonstrates you can be simultaneously eco-friendly and stylish. The blog’s founder, Jennifer Nini, writes engagingly about the need for accountability in fashion and other industries when it comes to the ecological damage of consumer goods. Environmental consciousness begins with awareness, and Jennifer’s Eco Warrior Princess spreads it.

The Chic Ecologist

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Minor Eco Products with Maximum Environmental Impact

Jean-Paul LaCount’s The Chic Ecologist is an incredibly impressive and handy blog, full of DIY and eco-friendly guides. For homeowners, The Chic Ecologist blends gardening, home decor, and lifestyle in an appealing and presentable way—all while improving practices that waste water and resources.

Big Green Purse

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Affordable DIY Green Cleansers for Your Spring Cleaning

Diane MacEachern is a venerated entrepreneur focused on improving the eco-friendliness of consumer spending, and she presents clear and actionable green living tips in the Big Green Purse. This blog highlights through clearly written guides on everyday habits and products that you can adjust and change, so you reduce your ecological footprint.

Do The Green Thing

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Why Your Dog Can-And Should—Go Vegan

Do The Green Thing is a well-illustrated blog about how to live more sustainably. Founded in 2007, Do The Green Thing’s wide readership inspires many to challenge the unsustainable status quo for our environment. Sharply written and argued, this blog will motivate you to not only modify your own habits but also to teach others to do the same—and campaign for causes that will reduce ecological damage.

Earth Easy

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Green Giving Guide: Charity That Makes a Difference to the Planet

Greg Seaman’s Earth Easy is an educational blog about taking small steps to curb climate change. Earth Easy is intended for everyone. Greg Seaman is a family man whose concern for the ecological challenges the next generation will face is apparent. Follow this guide for solid, green tips.

The Green Samaritan

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Pick Me Up Instead!

Jeanne Blaisdell spent her career trying to improve the environment. She was once Vice-Chair of Audubon Women in Conservation, an now she displays her wisdom in her blog, The Green Samaritan.

Get Green Be Well

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Organic Cotton Clothing: Benefits of Sustainable Natural Fibers

Kimberly Button runs Get Green Be Well. As a journalist and green living expert, Kimberly writes accessibly about how to reduce your carbon footprint on the daily. Check out her blog for straightforward tips.

Moral Fibres

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Glass Spray Bottles for Cleaning Products

Wendy’s Moral Fibres is a lifestyle blog focused on green living. Piercing through stereotypes and simplifications that green living is intended for hippies, Moral Fibres displays stylish and effective guides to dress and decorate more ethically and environmentally consciously.

The Rogue Ginger

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: My Newborn Zero Waste Essentials List (0-3 Months)

Erin writes personally and endearingly in her blog, The Rogue Ginger, about the importance of leading by example for green living. As a mother, Erin wants to leave the planet in better—not worse—shape for her family. Her guides on making eco-friendly adjustments to your lifestyle are great to look through.

Wasteland Rebel

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: How to Unclog your Drain the Natural Way Without Harsh Chemicals

Shia runs Wasteland Rebel, a blog that focuses on reducing waste and reusing it. A handy and thoughtful blog, Wasteland Rebel tackles uncommon household goods you may throw away, such as a banana peel, and transforms it into something useful.

Zero Waste Nerd

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: 4 Ways to Floss Zero Waste

Zero Waste Nerds challenges our meager habits of recycling and teaches us to waste less. Check out her blog for both informative guides on harmful chemicals you don’t have to purchase and how to reuse goods you may think our no longer worth keeping.

Skip The Bag

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Zero Waste Coffee and Tea

Skip The Bag provides eco-friendly advice for any person who wants to make a difference on an individual level. These small changes in habit, such as bringing only reusable bags to the grocery store, contribute greatly to lessening pollution and environmental damage in the long run.

Simple. Green. Organic. Happy.

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: What to Do (and Not Do) If You Find a Baby Deer

Robin Strong Elton writes illustratively in this blog, covering the day-to-day of a home in touch with nature. It also is a shining example of why protecting the eco-system is important. The guides in this blog about treating wildlife and reducing waste are terrific.


The Green Grandma

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Single Stream Recycling — What Does That Mean?

The Green Grandma is a long-running blog by a Pittsburgh resident who not only champions green living—but also well-being in general. Her writing covers important subjects that range from proper recycling methods to reflecting on your identity. The Green Grandma will surprise not only with environmental knowledge, but with her wisdom as well.


Groovy Green Living

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Time To Ditch Your Teflon And 3 Safe Alternatives

Groovy Green Living spares no excuse for those who think being eco-friendly is only for hippies. The owner of this blog, Lori, has a wide array of useful tips that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Saved By Grace

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: How to Have a Zero Waste Kitchen

Saved By Grace is a lovely mid-western blog about the serenity of the wild, easily appreciated if you’re in that part of America. This blog teaches you how to be eco-friendly both indoors and outdoors.

Eco-Office Gals

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: How to Make Your Office Kitchen Space Eco-Friendly

Eco-Office Gals spearheads the issue of offices not focused on eco-friendly behavior. This blog makes it look easy and actionable to reduce waste and the overall exertion of electricity and other resources.

Going True Green

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Benefits To Growing Our Own Food

Going True Green appeals to those who seek to be fully committed to ecologically-conscious behavior. Everything from the bath products you use to your sheets can be adjusted, made by hand, or bought more wisely in order to lessen the environmental impact. Check this blog out for thorough eco-friendly tips.

Green Your Decor

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: How I Reconcile My Love for Pretty Things with Sustainability

Green Your Decor is a blog that will make your home an environmentally-friendly place to return to. Full of light budget and DIY tips, your home can bloom with eco-friendly decor by following this blog.

Survival Renewable Energy

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Can Global Plastic Waste Be Turned into Renewable Energy?

Survival Renewable Energy is a well-written blog about the large scale impact of human activity upon the climate. This blog adds urgency for the need to reform certain individual habits, while also maintaining the focus on why we need to campaign for more eco-friendly policies.

Who’s Green Online

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Legalized Marijuana, Good for the Planet?

Who’s Green Online discusses topics of environmental science and the urgency for governmental change against climate change. An all-around good resource to examine the deleterious impact we have on the environment over time, this blog is educational.

Trend Privé Magazine

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Killing Plastic One Day at The Time

Trend Privé Magazine disposes of one stereotype about eco-friendly individuals—they’re all ragged hippies. In fact to the opposite, this magazine blends high fashion with ecologically conscious clothes. Follow this blog for terrific fashion tips.


The Sustainable Living Podcast

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Pia at the Coffeshop—Sustainably

It’s not enough to say The Sustainable Living Podcast triumphs in a medium that needs more climate change broadcasting. This podcast also provides a solid blog that discusses the small changes to lifestyle that can be tremendously beneficial to environment over time.

Robert Rodriguez Jr.

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: PhotoJournal: Summer Fog, Hudson Valley

Robert Rodriguez Jr. is a nature adventurer. His photography is surreal, and his mission is clear: preserve the environment we’re fortunate to live on. His blog even provides eco-friendly photography equipment advice, but above all, it motivates readers to take action themselves to fight climate change.

Small Footprint Family

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: 5 Planet-Friendly Ways to Keep Yourself Cool This Summer

Small Footprint Family is a blog concerned with how the next generation will deal with climate change, but it offers practical tips on preparing for this issue. The goal is to make small but meaningful steps over the long haul, and this blog is well-equipped to teach this.

Green Divas

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: 3 Ways Nature Can Help You Sleep Better

Green Divas is a champion of minimalism and connection with nature. This blog reminds you why preserving the environment is crucial because of the benefits it innately gives to us. Follow this guide for solid eco-friendly tips.

Natural Papa

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Father & Son Project: A Perfect Tree House

Natural Papa is owned by a father who ponders how he can contribute to fighting climate change so his son will grow up in a better world. Part of that goal is driven by teaching his son about the need to avoid waste and to be ecologically conscious. An endearing blog to read, Natural Papa helps one look not only at the current state of climate change but its future consequences as well.

Mindful Momma

Our Favorite Blog of 2018: Get Rid Of The 3 Most Toxic Cleaning Products In Your Home

Mindful Momma examines which household goods are bad for the environment and replaces them with clever DIY or naturally-produced items. You’ll not only be eco-friendly but also more healthy in the long-run by follow this blog’s tips.

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