8 Must-Have Luxe Houseplants in Minneapolis

<p>Looking for a way to beat the winter blues? How about adding some greenery and other bright colors to your surrounding. We know houseplants brighten our mood by freshening up the air and getting rid of toxins. Luxe plants also brighten our home and increase its overall value. So bring a little springtime into your home now with these eight must-have luxe houseplants in Minneapolis.</p>

1. Bonsai

Bonsai Houseplant

<p>These exquisite plants can make a huge statement when it comes to your living room’s decor. Bonsai can be quite difficult to care for–and expensive–so your visitors will no doubt be impressed. Its artful, winding forms add new areas of interest to a thoughtfully designed living space. Be careful where you display this plant since it needs at least five hours of sunlight a day and constant watering.</p>

2. Succulents


Succulents in Terrariums

<p>The desert savior, cactus and other succulents are small enough to add an accent to a side table or shelf. They typically max out at 6 inches tall and wide and are perfect for a terrarium. Many have intriguing design features, such as severe spikes or vibrant flowers. These plants are low-maintenance, requiring very little water, and as a result, work well in practically any home setting. If you travel frequently or work long hours, succulents are the way to go.</p>

3. Bird of Paradise

Red Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise


<p>A bird of paradise will make you feel just like its name–as though you’re in paradise. It resembles a bird’s face, and its large leaves complement the “face” to create a striking arrangement. The plant grows rather large, which allows it to serve not just as a decorative accent, but also the focal point of the entire room. The bird of paradise is a great option to give you more “bang” for your indoor-gardening “buck.” This plant requires full sun, but be careful about putting it in front of a drafty door or window since it prefers warmth.</p>

4. Citrus tree

Small Lemon Tree Accents Any Room as a Houseplant

<p>For a decorative house plant that’s also functional, consider planting a fruit tree. Although orange and lemon trees need plenty of light, you can limit its size to fit the sunny area of a room. These trees provide stunning foliage and are sure to wow your guests. You will have to pollinate them by hand or take them outside for a spell if you want them to produce fruit.</p>

5. Parlor Palm

<p>Parlor palm is the quintessential luxe houseplant. It’s designed to be grown indoors and survive well under low light and poor growing conditions. It purifies the air and adds a vintage touch to any setting. Feel free to place it anywhere in your house. It’s versatile allowing for many stylistic arrangements.</p>

6. Poinsettia

Pink Poinsettia


<p>This beautiful plant isn’t just for Christmas! While it changes color during the shorter, winter months, the poinsettia can grow year round as an attractive green plant. Poinsettias don’t require much light and do well when transplanted outdoors during the summer. It’s relatively easy to turn the leaves red (or pink or white) again before Christmas by placing the plant in a dark closet for 12 hours a day. </p>

7. Chinese evergreen

<p>Chinese evergreen is an excellent houseplant for even the most novice gardener. It produces tropical foliage and tolerates everything for poor lighting, dry air, to drought. It grows best at room temperature, making it an ideal choice for living room decor.</p

8. English ivy

<p>English ivy is an evergreen perennial that produces climbing vines. Many people opt to grow this outside, on a trellis, but they are better suited for indoor decor.  English ivy can become invasive if left to crawl unchecked outdoors. However, if you grow them inside in a hanging basket, they provide a beautiful, curtain-like appearance to a living space, and will confine themselves to the container.</p>

<p>Any of these eight must-have luxe plants for Minneapolis will boost your spirit and the look of your home decor. You don’t need a green thumb to beat the winter blues!</p>


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